About ABPM

American Board of Pain Medicine MOC®

All certificates awarded after January 1, 1999 are time-limited, expiring 10 years after the candidate passes the Certification examination. The American Board of Pain Medicine MOC® process, developed and implemented in 2008, is required of Diplomates eligible to recertify. ABPM implemented this process to serve the public by encouraging continued quality patient care in the practice of Pain Medicine.

The American Board of Pain Medicine MOC® program consists of the following requirements:

  1. Professional Standing – relates to licensure requirements
  2. Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment – pertains to continuing medical education (CME) and other learning requirements
  3. Cognitive Expertise or Knowledge – focuses on the recertification examination itself
  4. Practice Performance – addresses factors such as the physician’s professional standing, adherence to ethical standards, and practice of the specialty for which recertification is sought

Diplomates with time-limited certificates are required to sit for the examination before the expiration of their current certification. Diplomates will be eligible to sit for the exam no sooner than seven years after his or her initial certification. Successful completion of the recertification examination is required no later than 10 years after the current certification. In circumstances where the examination is offered on a date which falls after the expiration date indicated on the existing certificate in that same year, candidates for recertification will have their certificates automatically extended until three (3) weeks following the postmark date of the official notification letter of pass/fail for the recertification exam. In all other cases, failure to pass a recertification examination before the expiration of the current certificate will result in that individual no longer being board certified in Algiatry.

Certificates awarded prior to January 1, 1999 are permanent and not time limited. Diplomates with permanent certificates (those that are not time-limited) are not required to sit for the exam but may elect to do so for educational purposes. In the event a Diplomate volunteers to sit for the exam, he/she will receive a grade of pass or fail and will not receive a new certificate—the original, non-limited certificate will remain in force, providing the physician continues to meet other applicable requirements for Diplomate status including, but not limited to, the prevailing medical licensure requirements.